Born in South Yorkshire in 1973 and still living there, I work in the film industry as a freelance writer, director and sometimes producer.

I graduated in History and Philosophy from Keele University in 1995 along with a teaching qualification that saw me spend the next decade and a bit working in primary education up to management level.

Frustrated at the strangulation of creativity in my day job I left to offer consultancy and advice to school, colleges and local authorities in 2006 and that role gradually morphed into production running on various short films and TV commercials and then into making my own short films, music videos, documentaries and now feature films. The films I make are very much a reflection of my own life, experiences and beliefs about the world. I tried to do stuff that is rich in character and setting as well as story; and what story there is, is heavy with theme and subtext.

I’m as passionate a supporter of progressive politics and ideas as I am of the blue and white side of Sheffield.